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NU5A Automatic Compact Spiral Router Bit Sharpener

Equipment, ltd is pleased to offer the NU5A Compact Scan machine by Nordutensili. It is the first totally automatic compact spiral router bit sharpener in the world.


  • The NU5A Compact Scan will grind and sharpen all types of solid carbide spiral bits

  • It is the first router bit sharpener designed specifically to re-sharpen spiral router bits

  • Its compact overall size allows easy and problem-free installation

  • Two wheels mounted together, one 75mm (3″) D6A9 wheel for OD grinding and one 100mm (4″) D12V9 wheel for Fluting and End grinding

  • Automatic wheel measurement program is activated every time the spiral router bit sharpener is switched on

  • The NU5A Compact Scan router bit sharpener does not require a specialist to operate. Very little time is needed for training on how to use the router bit sharpener, and the mechanical and electronic systems are easily accessible.

  • What makes the NU5A Compact Scan spiral router bit sharpener so revolutionary is the software which, through automatic laser analysis, allows the machine to determine all the tool parameters and automatically set-up and grind the tool with angular precision better than 0.03°

  • Due to the simplicity and ease of use, one operator can operate multiple machines at the same time and take up very little space


  • Productivity: You do not have to sharpen a spiral tool on a machine designed to manufacture the tool

  • No Errors: Due to exact laser analysis of the spiral tool parameter

  • Cost savings: No operator training costs due to the simplicity of the router bit grinder

  • Safety: Due to the totally enclosed working area

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NU Complete Manual Sharpening Machine for Drills

Equipment, ltd. is pleased to introduce the NU Manual Sharpening Machine by Nordutensili. This new sharpening system is specifically designed for dowel/brad point drills (solid carbide and brazed), through bore drills, and radius spur/high precision dowel drills. It is a very compact and easy to use machine and through a simple manual adjustment the operator can quickly switch from one configuration to another. 


  • Extremely compact machine, weighing just 75 pounds.

  • Dimensions: Width:16.5" - Height:13" - Depth:12"

  • Equipped with a convenient grinding wheel dresser designed to re-profile the diamond or CBN wheels back to the original geometry.

  • One wheel can sharpen up to 2,000 drills.

  • Sharpens dowel drills (solid carbide and brazed) with diameters from 5mm to 16mm. 

  • Operating Voltage 120/220 VAC Single Phase


  • Ideal machine for sharpening many different kinds of tools.

  • Manually adjusts to your preferred cutting angles.

  • Simple setup saving time and money. 

  • It's compact design saves space in your facility. 

Bomber 500 High Precision Router Bit Sharpener

The Bomber 500 is a high precision router bit grinder for carbide tipped router bits. It uses a frequency drive to control the wheel RPM, has a 24-tooth index plate, uses W25 slope nosed collets and has a pulsating oil misting system to achieve a fantastic surface finish. It also uses high quality linear motion guides and precision ball screws for all three axis'.


  • Compact, heavy duty machine

  • For carbide tipped router bits up to 50mm in diameter and up to 6” length

  •  24 tooth Indexing plate with fine adjustment

  • European W25 slope nose collet system

  •  1 HP grinding motor

  • Frequency drive for wheel speeds up to 6,000 RPM

  •  Capable of using 3” or 4” wheels by means of variable speed potentiometer

  •  220 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Cycle

  • Pulsing oil mist system to achieve optimal surface finish (depending on diamond wheel)


  • This machine is the most precise manual router bit sharpening machine on the market today. Give us a call if you would like to purchase one for your shop!

For more information on our router bit sharpeners, please fill out the form below or call 828-328-8104.

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